The Weekly Briefing, Episode 2: Painful Prices and Angry Doctors

On this week's show, Dan Diamond, Rivka Friedman, and Rob Lazerow explain why the health care spending slowdown might be over, debate whether good doctors need to be "likable," and close the show by sharing their Electives.

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Below, we've listed links to some of the stories and resources discussed on this week's show.

The health care spending slowdown is over—or is it?

Thanks to the aging of the Baby Boomers, 10,000 people are signing up for Medicare per day.

The nation's older, sicker population plays a key role in health care costs.

How Medicare plans to change physician pay next year.

The difference between hospital costs vs. hospital charges.

What's driving higher health spending? Some economists say that "it's the prices, stupid." But it's more than just hospital charges.


The importance of likable physicians

Providers are increasingly being rewarded for improving patient satisfaction.

Many people often conflate their patient experience with the quality of their care.

Six ways to help physicians become better communicators. 

How to invest in patient experience in your organization.

Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum writes on the downside of being a doctor who feels your pain.

This week's Electives

Rivka Friedman, Practice Manager


Rivka discussed a conversation she had with former colleagues Josh Gray and David Clain, now of athenaHealth, about which patients use portals, how physician practices can encourage portal adoption, and more hard data about patient portals.

Rob Lazerow, Practice Manager


Rob explained how Daniel Pink's book "Drive," which explores the importance of intrinsic motivation, helps explain why physicians are motivated by more than money. (Rob and Amanda Berra are working on a related blog post for the "CEO Need to Know" series.)

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor


Dan vented about the DC Metro system, and explained how the subway's latest public relations problem—this week's discovery of asbestos in hundreds of rail cars—is a reminder of the many health dangers of asbestos.

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