The Weekly Briefing, Episode 1: Mega-Mergers and Pilot Programs

On this week's show, Dan Diamond, Rob Lazerow, and Rivka Friedman debated whether the Affordable Care Act is driving a historic wave of health care mergers, review Medicare's new plan to change how it pays hospitals and doctors, and close the show by sharing their "electives."

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Below, we've listed links to some of the stories and resources discussed on this week's show.

Health industry mergers

Aetna and Humana have announced a $37 billion merger. Here's how to think about it.

One reason why Humana's such an appealing takeover target? Medicare Advantage is stronger than ever.

Aetna and Inova Health System, a Virginia hospital system, partnered on a joint venture in 2012. Advisory Board white paper.

Thomson Reuters reported this week that health care M&A has already set a record this year—and it's only July.

Bundled payments

For the first time, Medicare wants to require hospitals and doctors to accept "bundled payments." Why CMS is mandating bundled payments now

Need a primer? How bundled payments work.

This week's electives

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

Dan shared the story of last week's first legal drone delivery in the United States—an unmanned drone flew medicine to a clinic in rural Virginia—and what it could mean for the health care industry.

Rivka Friedman, Practice Manager

Rivka discussed a Washington Post article—"A revolution in how doctors are paid isn’t really changing how doctors are paid"—that explores whether health reforms are actually rewarding doctors to perform high-quality procedures.

Rob Lazerow, Practice Manager

Rob made the argument that 2015 will be a landmark year for payment transformation in health care, listing off three reasons (including HHS's ambitious goals as well as a new law passed by Congress) that show why risk-based payment is here to stay.

The Weekly Briefing is produced by Bill Coughlan and Bronson Arcuri.

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