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How paid paternity leave pays off

June 19, 2015

Clare Rizer, Daily Briefing

As noted in today's Daily Briefing, fathers play a vital role in a child's life.

But men aren't treated equally in the workplace when it comes to parental benefits—and that could be harmful to their families' health and their overall engagement at work.

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Why health care workers get more jail time than Wall Street CEOs

June 19, 2015

Sam Bernstein, Daily Briefing

As Daily Briefing readers know, fraud is sadly common across health care. (Just last week, we reported on Earnest Gibson, a former hospital president who was sentenced to 45 years in prison for helping to defraud Medicare of $158 million.)

And in recent years, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has dramatically stepped up its prosecutions of health care fraud cases.

But how does federal scrutiny of health care fraud compare with other types of white-collar crime? 

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Death isn't failure: Teaching doctors when to prescribe hospice

June 17, 2015

Clare Rizer, The Daily Briefing

The single most important predictor of whether you enroll in hospice care?

Your physician.

That's based on study data from more than 200,000 patient records, Ziad Obermeyer writes in Health Affairs. (Obermeyer's a physician researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.)

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This is a big deal: CVS buys Target's pharmacy business for $1.9B

June 15, 2015

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

It's no secret that CVS Health has been aiming to capture more of the nation's pharmacy business. But the company just hit the bullseye.

The ever-growing retail and health juggernaut on Monday morning announced that it will purchase Target's pharmacy and clinic operations for $1.9 billion.

It's a "blockbuster" deal, Mike Troy reports at Drug Store News, with potential to help both companies—more revenue for CVS Health, and more opportunity for Target to sell wellness products.

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Charges (mostly) don't matter

June 9, 2015

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

"Extreme Markup: The Fifty US Hospitals With The Highest Charge-To-Cost Ratios," a Health Affairs study reported on Monday.

Cue the extreme headlines.

(You can see our own summary in the Daily Briefing.)

There's just one question most coverage failed to ask.

Do hospitals' mythical prices matter?

"Not in general," says Martin Gaynor.

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Moody's sees revenue bounce-back for hospitals

May 28, 2015

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

Moody's latest medians report is out, and it's a useful barometer of hospital performance.

The ratings agency on Wednesday released its preliminary not-for-profit hospital medians report—the first of two annual reports that Moody's issues every summer—and I've flagged four interesting takeaways for health care leaders.

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How hospitals are using Apple Watch

May 27, 2015

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

Do you have an Apple Watch?

Because some patients already do—thanks to their doctors.

A handful of hospitals have begun small pilots to equip patients with Apple Watches, hoping that the new wearable device can improve chronic care management and doctor-patient communication. 

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The rising danger of patient falls

May 17, 2015

Dan Diamond, Executive Editor

U2 guitarist The Edge had a senior moment on Friday: He fell down.

The legendary guitarist—who's 53 years old, practically geriatric for a rock star—tumbled off the side of a stage as U2 kicked off its latest tour.

Luckily, The Edge wasn't really hurt. (Although his pride may have suffered.)

But the aging rocker's pratfall happened at an ironic moment: CDC data released this month has researchers newly concerned about falls rising among America's seniors.

And this part of my post is no joke; the new data is deadly serious.

Falls can be a killer

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