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November 2, 2020

Weekly review: The health care workers most likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19, charted

Daily Briefing

    Are you dreading winter? These 3 strategies can help, psychologists say. (Monday, October 26)
    Writing for Vox, Sigal Samuel provides insights on how to best protect yourself against feeling down during the upcoming winter months—including three research-backed tips on how to keep your spirits up.

    Intermountain + Sanford: Our take on the $15B 'megapolitan' merger (Tuesday, October 27)
    Intermountain Healthcare and Sanford Health last week announced they have signed a letter of intent to merge to form a $15 billion health system—and as Advisory Board's Ben Umansky writes, "[u]nlike in some other health care megamergers, the strategic promise here is obvious."

    Are you struggling with 'touch deprivation'? These strategies can help. (Wednesday, October 28)
    The novel coronavirus has made physical contact with most others dangerous, but prolonged touch deprivation poses its own threat, with potentially negative effects on people's mental health, Maham Hasan writes for the New York Times. Here's how people can protect their psychological well-being while still taking some precautions.

    The health care workers most likely to be hospitalized for Covid-19, charted (Thursday, October 29)
    A recent CDC Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report looks at Covid-19 hospitalizations among health care workers—and the data suggests that one group of workers is at particularly high risk for contracting the novel coronavirus and developing Covid-19.

    Hospitals are dressing up NICU babies for Halloween (and yes, they've shared pictures) (Friday, October 30)
    The NICU can be a stressful place during typical times—and it's even more trying amid the Covid-19 epidemic. In an effort to bring a smile to the parents of NICU babies, staff at hospitals across the United States dressed the newest arrivals in Halloween costumes. Check out the pictures and enjoy the cuteness.

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