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October 30, 2020

Weekend reads: Women helped eradicate wild polio in Africa. Can they now defeat Covid-19?

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    Ben Palmer's reads

    How "Saturday Night Live" resumed in-studio shows amid the coronavirus epidemic. At the start of America's coronavirus epidemic this past spring, "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) produced a handful of remote episodes to close out the show's season. But SNL's new season has started, and the show is back to producing episodes in-studio—but with a lot of changes. Using behind-the-scenes photographs and stories from writers and performers on the show, the Wall Street Journal looks at the new precautions SNL has put in place to go on even amid the epidemic.

    How 'kidfluencers' are advertising junk food to kids. So-called "kidfluencers," or children who operate popular YouTube channels, often star in videos that feature product placements for companies like McDonald's, Hershey's, and Taco Bell, according to a new study published in the journal Pediatrics. For the study, researchers analyzed over 400 YouTube videos with kidfluencers and found that around 90% of the foods featured in the videos were unhealthy items. A spokesperson for YouTube said the company's YouTube Kids app does not "allow paid promotional content … and [has] clear guidelines which restrict categories like food and beverage from advertising on the app."

    José Vasquez's reads

    How schools have reimagined the classroom amid the coronavirus epidemic. Many schools throughout the United States have resumed in-person learning, and some are experimenting with new ways of teaching to protect their students, teachers, and staff from the novel coronavirus. Writing for the New York Times, Amelia Nierenberg explores four new learning environments that were designed to keep the coronavirus at bay.

    Women helped eliminate wild polio in Africa. Can they now eradicate Covid-19? On August 25, the World Health Organization declared Africa free of wild polio. Writing for Marie Claire, Jessica Washington and Louise Donovan explain the role women played in helping the continent eradicate wild polio by building trust, debunking myths, and delivering vaccines door-to-door—and they explore whether women can replicate their success with Covid-19.

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