'I feel like I have dementia': How Covid-19 is affecting some patients' brains

While many people think of Covid-19 as a disease that primarily affects patients' respiratory systems, research indicates many Covid-19 patients experience some form of neurological symptoms, as well—with one recent study finding nearly a third of hospitalized Covid-19 patients experienced altered mental function.

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WHO tested 4 drugs' impact on Covid-19 patients. Here's what the data showed.

The number of reported coronavirus cases in the United States exceeded eight million on Thursday—the same day the World Health Organization released a preprint study showing that Gilead Sciences' antiviral drug remdesivir had "little or no effect on mortality" among hospitalized patients with Covid-19.

Covid-19 roundup: Russia approves its 2nd coronavirus vaccine

HHS Secretary Alex Azar says the federal government could have 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine by the end of this year, Abbott Labs receives an emergency use authorization for its coronavirus blood test, and more.

Weekend reads: The coronavirus pandemic is driving us to adopt new phrases

How the NFL is fighting the coronavirus with silver, an NP's journey from a custodian to health care provider, and more

Weekly line: The key health care questions in last night's dueling presidential town halls

Last night, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held dueling Town Halls on competing networks. If you weren’t able to watch both, don't fret: Daily Briefing's Heather Bell and Ashley Fuoco Antonelli rounded up the key health care questions—and takeaways—from last night's town hall events.

How vaccine recruiters are combatting mistrust, misinformation in communities most affected by the coronavirus

Despite the novel coronavirus' outsized impact on people of color, clinical trials for a vaccine remain predominately white—and the volunteer recruiters trying to diversify the trials are encountering widespread mistrust and misinformation in their communities.

Around the nation: FDA OKs first Ebola treatment

FDA on Wednesday approved Regeneron Pharmaceuticals' Inmazeb, an antibody cocktail, to treat adults and children with the deadliest-known strain of the Ebola virus, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Maryland and New York.