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August 24, 2020

Weekly review: Can asymptomatic patients spread coronavirus? Here's what a new study reveals.

Daily Briefing

    Can asymptomatic patients spread coronavirus? Here's what a new study reveals. (Monday, August 10)
    For a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers examined the viral load in the noses, throats, and lungs of asymptomatic patients who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus—and their findings could have important implications for containing the virus' spread.

    CMS gives 266 hospitals five stars for patient experience. See how yours fared on our map. (Tuesday, August 11)
    CMS on July 31 updated its Hospital Compare website with new Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems summary star ratings. See how your hospital fared on our interactive map.

    'Not all face coverings are equal': What a new study reveals about the best face masks (Wednesday, August 12)
    Duke University researchers recently assessed the efficacy of 14 different styles of masks and face coverings, ranging from N95 masks to bandannas, at preventing the spread of respiratory droplets from the wearer. Here's what their research revealed—and what you should know about the study's limitations.

    4 theories on why so many coronavirus cases are asymptomatic (Thursday, August 13)
    Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists have been puzzled about why many people who contract the virus develop symptoms of Covid-19 while others don't experience any symptoms at all. Now, recent research has produced a handful of theories, Ariana Eunjung Cha reports for the Washington Post.

    Is it safe to eat in bars and restaurants? Here's what the evidence says. (Friday, August 14)
    Reopenings of restaurants and bars across America have been tied to surges in coronavirus cases—but some types of dining appear to be much riskier than others, Jennifer Steinhauer reports for the New York Times.

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