Is it safe to eat in bars and restaurants? Here's what the evidence says.

Reopenings of restaurants and bars across America have been tied to surges in coronavirus cases—but some types of dining appear to be much riskier than others, Jennifer Steinhauer reports for the New York Times.

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What the coronavirus pandemic will look like in 2021—and beyond

Epidemiologists worldwide have been developing models to predict how the coronavirus pandemic will progress throughout the rest of this year and the foreseeable future. Here's what they're forecasting.

Mount Sinai's chief clinical officer surmounted the Covid-19 surge. Here's his advice for you.

In this episode of Radio Advisory, host Rachel (Rae) Woods sits down with Jeremy Boal, the chief clinical officer of Mount Sinai Health System, to have a candid conversation about his experience being on the frontlines of a Covid-19 surge—and why health care leaders must remain vigilant during this time.

Covid-19 roundup: J&J, Moderna sign 'Operation Warp Speed' deals worth $1B+

Virginia's Health Department launches a contact tracing app, White House task force to investigate whether coronavirus can spread via aerosols, and more.

Around the nation: CMS wants to change Medicare coverage for artificial hearts, ventricular assist devices

CMS is proposing to allow local Medicare Administrative Contractors to make coverage determinations related to artificial hearts, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Kentucky, and Maryland.

Charted: The coronavirus' staggering toll on America's mental health

As America's coronavirus epidemic continues, CDC researchers surveyed more than 5,400 U.S. adults to gauge how the crisis has affected Americans' mental health—and they discovered some striking and concerning statistics. See who's been most affected by the crisis on our interactive charts.

The mindfulness app Headspace is booming. But is it actually effective?

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, more people are using the mindfulness and meditation app Headspace than ever before—but experts caution that the app may not be as effective as it claims, Juliet Isselbacher reports for STAT News.

Weekend reads: What makes this face mask worth $1.5M?

Why some groceries are still so hard to find, masks and masculinity, and more.