CMS gives 266 hospitals five stars for patient experience. See how yours fared on our map.

CMS on July 31 updated its Hospital Compare website with new Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems summary star ratings. See how your hospital fared on our interactive map.

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How the coronavirus affects children, according to new research

Research published over the past two weeks sheds some new light on how the novel coronavirus spreads among children—and highlights some concerning findings on how the virus can affect them.

Why you underestimate your creativity (and how to unearth your best ideas)

People often underestimate the creativity and originality of their own ideas, according to a recently published study—but there are ways to unearth these "potential gems" of creativity, Ella Miron Spektor, an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD and the lead researcher of the study, writes.

Around the nation: Salmonella outbreak impacts 640 people in 43 states

FDA last week concluded that the source of the outbreak is red onions from produce supplier Thomson International, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Georgia, and New York.

Russia just approved a coronavirus vaccine. Experts warn the move may be 'reckless.'

Gilead Sciences on Monday announced it is seeking FDA's approval to sell the first approved Covid-19 treatment in the United States. Meanwhile, Russia on Tuesday became the first country to approve a vaccine against the novel coronavirus—sparking significant concerns from public health experts worldwide.

Can labs meant for cattle and chickens help fix coronavirus testing?

With new coronavirus tests recently coming in at a rate of 700,000 per day, health officials may turn to an unexpected resource to help process backlogs of tests: veterinary labs, Julie Appleby reports for Kaiser Health News. Here's how it could work.