Can asymptomatic patients spread coronavirus? Here's what a new study reveals.

For a new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers examined the viral load in the noses, throats, and lungs of asymptomatic patients who had tested positive for the novel coronavirus—and their findings could have important implications for containing the virus' spread.

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Students are back in school. Here's what it's like, in their own words.

As a wave of students and teachers last week returned to school for the first time amid America's coronavirus epidemic, those attending in person faced a "profoundly altered experience," the New York Times reports. Here's what it's like on the front lines, according to students and staff.

Trump's executive actions on coronavirus aid: What will they do—and are they legal?

President Trump on Saturday took four executive actions intended to extend coronavirus-related economic aid to Americans—but observers questioned whether some of the executive actions are constitutional or whether they will have immediate effects for Americans.

Around the nation: Ohio governor tests positive and negative for the coronavirus—in the same day

Gov. Mike DeWine's initial positive coronavirus test result came hours before he was scheduled to meet with President Trump, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Georgia, and Ohio.

America's 5 million+ coronavirus cases, mapped

The United States' reported total of coronavirus cases surpassed five million on Saturday, after the country reported more than one million new cases of the virus in just over two weeks. See where the epidemic has hit hardest on our interactive maps.

Weekly review: The 12 risk factors tied to 40% of dementia cases

The best (and worst) states for health care, according to WalletHub; the first wave of Covid-19 workplace lawsuits; and more.