The 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule proposal: What you need to know

The 1,353-page proposal would update the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, which details Medicare payments to physicians and other providers. Here's who can expect higher—and lower—payments in 2021, and how the rule would expand Medicare's telehealth coverage.

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The 2021 Quality Payment Program proposal: The 3 key updates to know

CMS on Monday released the CY 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, which includes updates to the Quality Payment Program (QPP). Advisory Board's Julia Connell breaks down the three key updates to the QPP program—and shares what they mean for providers.

Why some experts are embracing cheaper (and less accurate) coronavirus tests

The United States' coronavirus testing system is failing to identify and isolate positive cases—and in response, some of the nation's top public health experts are calling for divergent strategies to bolster the impact of testing, with some saying we need to test more people, and others claiming we should test less.

Covid-19 roundup: Novavax announces promising results for coronavirus vaccine candidate

Johnson & Johnson starts human clinical trials for its experimental coronavirus vaccine, study finds serology tests may not accurately detect people who've been infected with the coronavirus, and more.

Is it time to ditch the stethoscope?

As Covid-19 "reshapes how medicine is practiced in" America, it could deal the final blow needed to send "one iconic tool" of the trade to "the dustbin of medical history": the stethoscope, hospitalist Larry Istrail writes in a STAT News opinion piece.

Lockdown, round two? Most Americans would support a 2-week stay-at-home order.

A majority of Americans appear to support strict measures to curb the country's coronavirus epidemic—including imposing a nationwide stay-at-home order—a new poll finds, but the findings run contrary to what public health officials are seeing as the virus continues to spread.

Around the nation: CMS announces payment initiatives for coronavirus counseling and therapies

Under the two new payment initiatives, CMS will reimburse providers for counseling patients during coronavirus testing and track the use and efficacy of Covid-19 therapeutics, such as remdesivir and convalescent plasma, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Colorado, Connecticut, and Maryland.