The risk of dying from Covid-19—by age, sex, weight, and ethnicity

A newly published study of more than 17 million people in England sheds light on how much a person's age, race/ethnicity, body mass index, and more are correlated with their risk of dying from Covid-19. See the patterns on our interactive chart.

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Weekly line: My 'suspected' Covid-19 reveals these 3 shortfalls in America's coronavirus response

Last week, Advisory Board's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli detailed her experience navigating her "suspected case of Covid-19." Now, she shares how the ordeal revealed three shortfalls threatening the country's ability to gain control of the new coronavirus' spread.

Health care workers are facing PPE shortages—again

Organizations representing providers are once again reporting widespread shortages of protective gear—including respirator masks, gowns, and gloves—leading some health care workers to reuse or forgo equipment. Many fear the problem will only get worse as coronavirus cases continue to spike.

Weekly review: Did mass protests lead to surges in coronavirus cases? Here's what the evidence says.

Walmart just launched Walmart Insurance; America's 100 best hospitals, according to IBM Watson Health and Fortune; and more.

The coronavirus 'shut down' this healthy 24-year-old's organs

When Davon Hill, a generally healthy 24-year-old, developed Covid-19, his doctors thought he would recover—but, within 24 hours, the disease shut down his organs, and Hill succumbed to the new coronavirus, Jim Little reports for the Pensacola News Journal.

Hospitals are running short on remdesivir as US coronavirus cases soar

Hospitals throughout the United States are reporting shortages of remdesivir—the most promising experimental treatment for Covid-19 to date—as the number of new coronavirus cases in America continued to soar past the country's previous peak in its coronavirus epidemic.

Around the nation: Biden releases plan to bolster US' coronavirus supply chain

The plan calls for moving production of medical equipment "back to U.S. soil" and establishing stockpiles of certain products, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia and Illinois.