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July 6, 2020

Weekly review: Coronavirus is surging in Texas. Here's how hospitals are responding.

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    5 ways to get ready for a tough conversation (Monday, June 29) Sooner or later, every manager must have an awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful conversation. If you're like most managers, you'll feel tempted to put the problem off to another day—but you also know that delaying a necessary conversation will only make matters worse. To help you get through it, Advisory Board's Craig Pirner offers five tips on how to prepare yourself to have a tough conversation.

    Coronavirus is surging in Texas. Here's how hospitals are responding. (Tuesday, June 30) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week said the new coronavirus has taken a "very swift and a very dangerous turn" in Texas, as the rate of positive coronavirus tests rose to 13% in the past month—the highest since April—and Texas hospitals are seeing a surge of new coronavirus patients.

    Who has the world's best health care system? Here's what Ezekiel Emanuel thinks. (Wednesday, July 1) In a recent interview with Vox's Ezra Klein, Ezekiel Emanuel—a bioethicist who served as a health policy adviser to former President Barack Obama, and current co-director of the University of Pennsylvania's Health Transformation Institute—talked about which country currently has the best health care system in the world, and why he believes the United States could top the list in 15 years.

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