5 ways to get ready for a tough conversation

Sooner or later, every manager must have an awkward, uncomfortable, or even painful conversation. If you're like most managers, you'll feel tempted to put the problem off to another day—but you also know that delaying a necessary conversation will only make matters worse. To help you get through it, Advisory Board's Craig Pirner offers five tips on how to prepare yourself to have a tough conversation.

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The 'disturbing' surge in Covid-19 cases among young Americans

America's coronavirus epidemic has hit a new peak, and public health officials say nearly half of newly reported cases are occurring among adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Now, experts are encouraging young Americans to socially distance—warning that Covid-19 poses serious risks even for young and healthy people.

Promising Covid-19 drug could be 'harmful' to some patients, researchers say

Earlier this month, researchers issued a press release announcing that a low-cost steroid called dexamethasone reduced the risk of death among patients with severe cases of Covid-19, though they didn't release the full study backing their claim until days later. Now that the full study has been published, scientists are finding that the drug may cause "more harm than good" in some patients, Roni Caryn Rabin reports for the New York Times.

Weekly review: Where 'superspreader' events are happening now

Your state's health care job losses amid Covid-19, mapped; the dramatic decline in U.S. happiness amid Covid-19, charted; and more.

The global number of coronavirus deaths has topped 500,000

The global number of reported deaths linked to the new coronavirus surpassed 500,000 on Sunday, as the number of cases reported worldwide topped 10 million—with the United States accounting for more than 25% of those deaths and North America accounting for about 25% of those cases.

How digital health has changed in the Covid-19 era

On the Radio Advisory podcast, host Rachel Woods spoke with Tom Cassels and Megan Zweig from Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health, about how the digital health sphere has changed in response to Covid-19—and what that change means for patients.

Around the nation: Trump admin urges SCOTUS to invalidate ACA

The Department of Justice in a legal brief filed Thursday argued that the Supreme Court should strike down the Affordable Care Act (ACA) because a change Congress made to one of the law's provisions in 2017 made the entire ACA invalid, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news form the District of Columbia, Illinois, and Maryland.