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June 26, 2020

Weekend reads: Coronavirus testing your friendships?

Daily Briefing

    Ben Palmer's reads

    This gym's solution to working out while social distancing. Gyms across the country have started to reopen, but social distancing to keep people safe from the new coronavirus while working out indoors can present a challenge. That's why Inspire South Bay Fitness in California has built social distancing pods—six-foot by 10-foot pods made of PVC pipes and shower curtains—that allow gym goers to work out without having to wear a face mask or covering while keeping them at a distance from other patrons. However, with one side and the top of each pod completely open, some observers are wondering just how safe patrons really are.

    How to go back to the hair salon safely. Along with going to the gym, many Americans also are looking to get a haircut now that salons and barbershops throughout the country are reopening. Writing for The Cut, Kathleen Hou provides some tips on what to expect and what you should—and shouldn't—do during your next styling appointment.

    Danielle Poindexter's reads

    States are reopening—and testing friendships. As states allow nonessential businesses to reopen and lift stay-at-home orders, some Americans are finding that their friends have "differing approaches and opinions about re-entering the 'normal' world," according to psychologist Stephanie Smith. While some people are hesitant to even see their friends in person, others are attending large social gatherings without wearing face masks or coverings. And amid the challenges of a global pandemic, people are finding that their patience levels have decreased—making it even harder to see past the differences, Andrew Fiouzi writes for MEL Magazine.  

    What's happening to Covid-19 patients' pets? In coronavirus hotspots like New York City, large numbers of people are becoming critically ill and being hospitalized with Covid-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, and unfortunately have no option but to leave their pets behind. So across the city, a team of animal specialists is feeding and taking custody of pets whose owners are in the hospital—some of whom will never come home.

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