Map: America's coronavirus cases are almost back to April's peak

The United States on Tuesday reported about 34,700 new cases of the novel coronavirus—marking the highest single-day total of new cases the country has reported in two months and bringing the country back in line with its previous peak in the epidemic.

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Hospitals must disclose 'secret' negotiated prices, judge rules

Judge Carl Nichols of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Tuesday rejected a lawsuit filed by a coalition of hospital groups that argues a rule CMS finalized last year that will require hospitals to publish the prices they negotiate with insurers is "unlawful." Advisory Board's Christopher Kerns weighs in on what hospital leaders need to know in light of the new ruling.

'A big red target on their backs': Health officials face death threats over coronavirus policies

In recent months, public health officials have faced a wave of death threats over policies implemented to curb the new coronavirus' spread, and a new analysis by Kaiser Health News and the Associated Press finds that, since April, at least 27 state and local public health officials across 13 states have resigned, retired, or been fired.

3 strategies for rural hospitals to use telehealth

Rural communities could be the United States' next Covid-19 hot spots, which would make the state of rural health go from bad to worse. Advisory Board's Madeline Chaillet and Darby Sullivan write that rural hospitals should invest in telehealth now to prepare for a surge and to continue normal operations.

Could 'toilet plumes' spread the new coronavirus?

Flushing the toilet with the lid open could create a so-called "toilet plume," or a cloud of aerosol droplets, that contains the new coronavirus and could linger long enough to either be inhaled by the next person to enter the bathroom or land on surfaces within the room, according to a study recently published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

How WakeMed is meeting patients where they are at—physically and psychologically

Chris DeRienzo is SVP and CMO of WakeMed Health & Hospitals, an integrated health care system based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He recently spoke with Advisory Board's Steven Berkow about changing patient perceptions of health system safety, lessons learned from incident command structures, and the future clinical workforce.

Around the nation: Trump pauses some nonimmigrant work visas, citing 'threat' amid Covid-19 economic downturn

Under a proclamation President Trump issued Monday, his administration through the end of this year will not authorize certain new, nonimmigrant work visas issued outside of the United States, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia and Maryland.