Charted: The dramatic decline in US happiness amid Covid-19

A recent poll from NORC at the University of Chicago found that just 14% of Americans say they're very happy—the lowest percentage recorded since the poll started collecting data in 1972.

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Inside a Covid-19 recovery ward, where patients face a 'long and arduous' road back to health

Throughout America, hospital staff are caring for ICU patients who face a "long and arduous" recovery from Covid-19—but despite the challenges patients and providers in Covid-19 recovery wards face, doctors say the wards often can be the "most hopeful place in the hospital," Joseph Goldstein reports for the New York Times.

The charges for Covid-19 care? In some cases, $1 million—or more.

Over the past few weeks, several media outlets have reported that patients across the country are seeing costly charges for care related to Covid-19, including one man who received an explanation of charges totaling about $1.1 million.

How health systems across the world have responded to Covid-19

On the Radio Advisory podcast, host Rachel Woods spoke with Rebecca Richmond, Advisory Board's managing director of international research, about how health systems around the world responded to the Covid-19 pandemic—and what American health systems can learn from their response.

'No one is coming to help you': How hospitals can prepare for natural disasters amid Covid-19

Jeffrey Elder, MD—emergency medicine physician at University Medical Center, Clinical Associate Professor at Louisiana State University School of Medicine, and former Administrative Director and Medical Director of New Orleans Emergency Medical Services—recently spoke with Advisory Board's Alice Thornton Bell and Rebecca Soistmann about how hospitals should proactively prepare to manage hurricane response amid Covid-19.

Black Medicare beneficiaries are almost 4x more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19, data shows

New CMS data shows Black Medicare beneficiaries were nearly four times as likely to be hospitalized from Covid-19 as white beneficiaries, while separate analyses suggest areas where most residents are people of color are less likely than predominantly white areas to have testing sites for the new coronavirus.

Around the nation: HHS distributes $107M for efforts to bolster health care workforce

The funding is intended to assist clinicians and students as they pursue careers in health care through initiatives such as the Nurse Faculty Loan Program and Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students, which each received a portion of the funding, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Kentucky, and Maryland.