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June 22, 2020

Weekly review: Charted: Who's at highest risk of dying from Covid-19?

Daily Briefing

    Montefiore's CEO is a rare black executive in health care. Now he's opening up on his experience. (Monday, June 15)
    Montefiore Medicine President and CEO Philip Ozuah for months has been working to combat America's new coronavirus epidemic, but in an opinion piece published by the New York Times, Ozuah notes that, as a black man, he also faces "another virus as old as the country itself": racism.

    US News names the 'Best Children's Hospitals' of 2020 (Tuesday, June 16)
    U.S. News & World Report last week released its "Best Children's Hospitals" rankings for 2020, naming the 10 best children's hospitals in the country as well as the top 50 children's hospitals in each of 10 pediatric specialties.

    Charted: Who's at highest risk of dying from Covid-19? (Wednesday, June 17) CDC in a report released last week offered a detailed view of which Americans are contracting the new coronavirus, as well as which patients are most likely to develop severe cases of Covid-19 and die from the disease. See which patients have the highest risk with our interactive charts.

    How a seemingly 'perfectly healthy' teenager died from Covid-19 (Thursday, June 18)
    Dawn Guest says her son, Andre, seemed like "a perfectly healthy 16-year-old boy," but after feeling tired and falling in his bathroom, Andre ended up in the hospital—and 12 days later, he died from Covid-19, Tarena Lofton reports for Kaiser Health News.

    Why some Americans won't wear face masks, in their own words (Friday, June 19)
    Many Americans still aren't following the CDC's April recommendations for wearing face coverings in public places, according to recent surveys. Here's why these individuals say they aren't wearing masks—and why experts say face coverings are a critical way to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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