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June 19, 2020

Weekend reads: Americans think the 'country is spiraling out of control'

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    Ben Palmer's reads

    The new coronavirus has led to more unhealthy snacking. Major snack-food companies have seen noticeable increases in their sales since the new coronavirus epidemic started in the United States. Writing for the New York Times, Michael Moss dives into why the epidemic has reignited unhealthy snacking habits among Americans—and the effect that's had on the snack food industry.

    How the new coronavirus will change architecture. The global coronavirus pandemic may have a lasting impact on the world of architecture, Kyle Chayka writes for the New Yorker. Chayka examines how the pandemic could affect the architecture of domestic, professional, and city spaces—potentially transitioning the world away from "the airy, pristine emptiness of modernism."

    Danielle Poindexter's reads

    Americans have one thing in common: a fear of the future. Polls show that, between a growing civil rights movement and the country's coronavirus epidemic, the majority of American voters believe the "country is spiraling out of control," expressing doubts that things will "return to normal" by 2021, the New York Times reports. According to the Times, the polls also show that people's political-party alignment may play a part in their response to the sense of unease.

    Numbers show Americans really missed their hair stylists. Amid stay-at-home orders and nonessential business closures intended to curb the new coronavirus' spread, foot traffic to hair salons dropped by 60% nationwide and sales for at-home hair styling items increased by up to 50%. But now that beauty salons and barbershops are reopening across the country, many are already booked with new appointments—and people are finding that hairstylists provided Americans with more than just beauty treatments.

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