Charted: Who's at highest risk of dying from Covid-19?

CDC in a report released Monday offered a detailed view of which Americans are contracting the new coronavirus, as well as which patients are most likely to develop severe cases of Covid-19 and die from the disease. See which patients have the highest risk with our interactive charts.

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'Heroes' and 'bad guys'? How Covid-19 has changed the health care industry's reputation in America.

On the Radio Advisory podcast, host Rachel Woods spoke with Christopher Kerns, Vice President of Executive Insights at Advisory Board, about how the Covid-19-19 epidemic has and has not changed Americans' perspective of the U.S. health care system—and what the epidemic could mean for public opinion going forward.

What the evidence says (so far) about dexamethasone for Covid-19

Scientists at the University of Oxford on Tuesday announced that a common, low-cost steroid called dexamethasone reduced the risk of death among patients with severe cases of Covid-19—but some experts are warning the results should be viewed with caution.

Kaiser Permanente has 8 strategies to beat Covid-19 in the long-term

The next phase in fighting America's new coronavirus epidemic is suppression, ensuring infection rates are low enough that hospitals aren't overwhelmed, according to Stephen Parodi and five other leaders at Kaiser Permanente. Parodi and colleagues in a recent NEJM Catalyst piece outline eight strategies Kaiser is implementing to suppress new coronavirus infection rates and combat Covid-19 long term.

What your Gen Z employees need from you right now

The new coronavirus epidemic is likely to have a lasting impact on all generations, but employers looking to reopen businesses and bring employees back into the office can't overlook the epidemic's effect on the youngest generation of workers: Gen Z, Lauren Stiller Rikleen writes for Harvard Business Review.

Why your coronavirus test could cost $23—or $2,315

Federal law requires health insurers to cover the costs of enrollees' coronavirus tests, but some insurers are reporting that those costs vary among states, labs, and providers—with charges ranging from as little as $23 to as much as $2,315.

Around the nation: Walmart buys tech to bolster its drug delivery capabilities for around $200M

Walmart on Monday announced it has purchased technology from CareZone, a startup that develops products intended to help people manage their prescriptions, for around $200 million in a move that could help Walmart expand its wellness and health care offerings, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Arkansas, Maryland, and Oklahoma.