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June 5, 2020

Around the nation: Congress approves bill to extend coronavirus relief for small businesses

Daily Briefing

    The Senate on Wednesday voted unanimously to extend the period small businesses would have to spend loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, the District of Columbia, and Ohio.

    • California: More than 100 Kaiser Permanente health care workers on Wednesday staged a walkout during which the workers kneeled in silence for nine minutes to protest the death of George Floyd, according to reports. Matthew Schechter, an OB-GYN at Kaiser's Oakland Medical Center and one of the organizers of the walkout, in an email sent to Kaiser health care managers wrote that the protesters "are a group of physicians in the East Bay outraged by the prejudice, racism, and violence expressed towards black individuals in our country," citing the recent deaths of Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor (Vaziri, San Francisco Chronicle, 6/3).

    • District of Columbia: The Senate on Wednesday voted unanimously to approve a bill that would revise the federal Paycheck Protection Program, which Congress created earlier this year to help small businesses affected by America's new coronavirus epidemic. The revision extends from eight weeks to 24 weeks the period small businesses would have to spend loans they acquired through the program. The measure, which the House approved last week, now heads to President Trump (Cochrane, New York Times, 6/3; Andrews, Wall Street Journal, 6/3).

    • Ohio: University Hospitals (UH) received a $210,000 contribution from Russian entrepreneur Mikhail Vinchel that will directly benefit the UH Richmond and UH Bedford medical centers. Vinchel's son, Anton, and his daughter-in-law, Andrea, both work as nurses at the medical centers. Vinchel said he donated the money after realizing "the best way to protect [his family] during [the new coronavirus epidemic] is to help make sure their hospitals have the equipment and resources they need to beat this virus" (Felton, The News-Herald, 6/2).

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