What we know (so far) about the long-term health effects of Covid-19

As researchers continue to uncover the long list of potential Covid-19 symptoms, some physicians are beginning to explore the disease's possible long-term effects on patients with more severe symptoms, Lois Parshley writes for Vox. Here's what the research shows so far.

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The 3 biggest questions about Covid-19 testing, answered

As new Covid-19 diagnostic developments, testing strategies, and benchmarks are announced, more and more questions surface about what we know about Covid-19 testing, what we don't know, and what we still need to find out. Advisory Board's experts answer your most pressing Covid-19 testing questions.

Does the coronavirus spread via doorknobs and elevator buttons? Here's what the evidence says.

CDC earlier this month updated its "How Covid-19 Spreads" website to say the new coronavirus doesn't easily spread via contaminated surfaces—but just how likely are you to catch the virus from a contaminated surface?

60,000+ nursing home residents—and 34,000+ staff—have tested positive for the new coronavirus

More than 60,000 nursing home residents have been infected with the new coronavirus and nearly 26,000 have died, according to CMS and CDC data released Monday—but the data does not account for all nursing homes in the country, meaning the actual totals of nursing home residents who've been infected with the virus and died likely are higher.

If your Covid-19 'surge' has passed, what's next? Take these 4 steps.

When Covid-19 emerged, health care organizations across the country enacted emergency response plans that disrupted many leaders' day-to-day jobs. But now, some health care organizations are entering a period of relative "calm"—and the transition may feel disorienting for leaders whose teams that have been firing on all cylinders.

A major study of hydroxychloroquine for Covid-19 is drawing criticism—and a formal correction

Researchers behind a large hydroxychloroquine study published in The Lancet last month posted corrections to the report after more than 180 scientists expressed concerns over inconsistent data in the study. However, the researchers said the study's conclusions remain unchanged.

Around the nation: SCOTUS rejects California church's challenge to Covid-19 restrictions

The church claimed that California's restriction on the number of people permitted to attend religious services at one time, which is intended to curb the new coronavirus' spread, is more harmful to places of worship than other businesses, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Michigan, and Texas.