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June 1, 2020

Weekly review: The 5 highest-paid physician specialties, according to MGMA

Daily Briefing

    Can children spread the new coronavirus? Here's what research says. (Tuesday, May 26)
    As children make up fewer than 2% of reported Covid-19 cases globally, health officials around the world are considering when to reopen schools—but researchers warn that studies on whether children can transmit the new coronavirus have shown mixed results.

    The 5 highest-paid physician specialties, according to MGMA (Wednesday, May 27)
    Most physician specialties saw compensation increases between 2018 and 2019, according to a recent report from the Medical Group Management Association. See the top five highest-paid physician specialties in 2019.

    5 ways to prevent more Covid-19 deaths, according to Tom Frieden (Thursday, May 28)
    Health experts project that the new coronavirus will cause more than one million deaths worldwide by the end of this year, but former CDC Director Tom Frieden in Vox outlines five strategies that could help to avoid an excess of preventable deaths due to the virus.

    How to safely reopen America's offices, according to CDC (Friday, May 29)
    CDC on Wednesday released new guidelines outlining the steps employers should take to safely reopen U.S. offices and reduce their employees' risk of exposure to the new coronavirus—and observers say the recommendations could drastically reshape the American corporate experience.

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