After 2+ months of lockdown, New York City is still seeing new Covid-19 cases. Who's getting sick?

New York City has now been under a strict stay-at-home order for more than two months, yet the city and its surrounding areas are continuing to see new cases of Covid-19, leading some to wonder who the latest Covid-19 patients are, the New York Times' Andy Newman reports.

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Could crowded protests spread the new coronavirus? Experts are divided.

Waves of protests erupted across the United States over the weekend—leading some local officials and public health experts to worry that, as demonstrators gather in large crowds, they could be vulnerable to spreading the new coronavirus.

Trump says he's cutting US funding to WHO. Here's what that could mean, according to experts.

President Trump on Friday announced that he plans to terminate the United States' relationship with and funding to the World Health Organization, and experts predict that the move could have an impact on both existing and future health initiatives as soon as next year.

Around the nation: New York says businesses can deny entry to people without face coverings

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says store owners have "a right to protect themselves" and their customers from potentially being exposed to the new coronavirus by people who refuse to wear face masks, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, New York, and Tennessee.

How many Covid-19 patients have no symptoms? More than you might think.

Multiple studies indicate that a significant portion of Covid-19 patients are asymptomatic—and that could mean the disease's fatality rate is lower than previously thought.

Weekly review: The 5 highest-paid physician specialties, according to MGMA

What the research says about children spreading the new coronavirus, five ways to prevent more Covid-19 deaths, according to Tom Frieden, and more.