4 ways to help staff who are struggling to work from home

America's shift to remote work amid the Covid-19 epidemic presents unique obstacles for leaders and workers. Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Ron Carucci, co-founder and managing partner of Navalent, offers four tips on how to manage employees who are struggling to work remotely.

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How WellSpan Health is recruiting new providers—without ever meeting in person

Social distancing has upended many of the day-to-day processes that organizations rely on to vet and onboard staff. But WellSpan Health leaders pivoted to an entirely virtual recruitment process for physicians and APPs—and you can too, Advisory Board's Virginia Reid and Taylor Hurst write.

Weekly line: The biggest barrier to contact tracing? Americans' opposition.

Public health experts have said contact tracing efforts are crucial to containing America's new coronavirus epidemic and safely relaxing social distancing measures. However, Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli writes that there's one big obstacle that could derail the nation's contact tracing effort: Many Americans don't like it.

Long weekend reads: The latest tattoo craze? Covid-19.

Bumper bars, the new coronavirus pandemic's chaotic future, and more.

What makes a Covid-19 patient a 'superspreader'?

Multiple so-called "superspreading events"—in which an outbreak of a disease occurs within a cluster of people—have occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic, but while some people infected with the new coronavirus can be superspreaders, others don't spread the virus at all, Kai Kupferschmidt reports for Science Magazine.

AstraZeneca, HHS strike $1.2B deal for 300M doses of experimental coronavirus vaccine

HHS on Thursday announced that it has entered an agreement under the Trump administration's "Operation Warp Speed" initiative to pay British drugmaker AstraZeneca up to $1.2 billion to support the accelerated development of a potential vaccine against the new coronavirus and acquire at least 300 million doses of the inoculum.

Around the nation: HHS allows pharmacists to administer Covid-19 diagnostic tests

HHS on Tuesday issued an advisory opinion stating that the federal Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act overrides state and local laws that prohibit pharmacists from administering diagnostic tests for Covid-19, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Florida, and Ohio.