Our take: Can online 'swap meets' fill hospitals' needs for PPE?

As hospitals and health systems work to mitigate supply chain gaps amid Covid-19, some are taking a page from internet dating and going to online "matchmaking" sites to swap needed supplies. Advisory Board's Brandi Greenberg and Colleen Keenan explain why these cross-stakeholder collaborations are so important amid Covid-19.

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The 10 cities in the best (and worst) positions to recover from the coronavirus

Boise, Idaho, and Denver ranked among the cities that are likely to see the strongest economic rebounds from the new coronavirus epidemic, while hard-hit cities like New York City and Los Angeles ranked among those most likely to struggle, according to a recent Moody's Analytics report.

Covid-19 roundup: Johns Hopkins opens contact tracing course to the public

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health launches a no-cost contact tracing course open to the public, Twitter begins alerting users when tweets might include misleading or disputed claims about the new coronavirus, and more.

Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes down extension of state's stay-at-home order

In a closely watched case, Wisconsin's Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a 4-3 decision striking down an extension of the state's stay-at-home order intended to curb the new coronavirus' spread, ruling that the state government overstepped its authority when it implemented the extension without consulting with state legislators.

Around the nation: New York City, Detroit to launch federally backed serology testing program

The pilot program will focus on health care workers and first responders to better understand how they've been affected by Covid-19, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Maryland, Michigan, and New York.