3 ways to prepare your staff for tough Covid-19 decisions—before they face one

Covid-19 is forcing frontline staff to face impossible tradeoffs, from preparing to ration ventilators to working without optimal PPE. Here's how leaders can bolster resilience by educating staff about these difficult challenges before they encounter them, according to Advisory Board's Alex Polyak.

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This entire family was tested for Covid-19. But doctors still aren't sure how many had the disease.

When Maree Johnson-Baruch and her family fell ill with symptoms of Covid-19, they thought tests would confirm the infections. But months later, multiple rounds of testing have produced conflicting results—highlighting the unreliability of existing tests for the new coronavirus, Reuters' Jonathan Allen reports.

The White House wants states to test 2% of their populations for the new coronavirus this month

As the number of reported U.S. deaths linked to the new coronavirus surpassed 80,000, President Trump on Monday announced a plan to help states expand their testing capacity for the virus—a plan that includes distributing $11 billion in funding to states and directly supplying them with testing kit materials.

How rural hospitals overcome staffing shortages amid Covid-19

Experts warn that notoriously under-resourced rural communities could be the next U.S. Covid-19 hot spot. That's why Advisory Board's Madeline Chaillet and Darby Sullivan write it's essential for rural hospitals to use their resourcefulness to mitigate the impact of a Covid-19 surge on staffing.

A senior is struggling with forgetfulness. Is it Alzheimer's—or ADHD?

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is most commonly diagnosed in children, but as awareness around the condition has grown, doctors are seeing a new population of ADHD patients: seniors, Sumathi Reddy reports for the Wall Street Journal.

Florence Nightingale would be 200 years old today. (She's still ahead of the times.)

May 12th is designated as International Nurse Appreciation Day based on the date of birth for Florence Nightingale. Advisory Board's Alice Thornton Bell writes that she shaped many aspects of health care—and may even have been "our first rendition of a population health manager."

Around the nation: Atul Gawande reportedly will depart role as CEO of Haven

Health experts say Atul Gawande's potential exit from Haven could derail the company, which they claim has yet to make an impact on America's health care system, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Massachusetts.