Why Covid-19 hits some places so hard—and not others

While some countries have experienced a devastating amount of illness and death due to Covid-19, others have experienced relatively mild outbreaks of the disease. Writing for the New York Times, Hanna Beech and colleagues outline four theories that could explain why some areas have been hit by the global pandemic harder than others.

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The best (and worst) states for nurses in 2020, according to WalletHub

WalletHub assessed all 50 states on 22 weighted metrics to give each an overall rating for nurses, as well as rankings based on opportunity and competition factors and work environment factors. See where your state ranked on our interactive map.

How UCSF created an app to monitor staff for Covid-19—and support their mental health

One of the top priorities for leaders in the weeks ahead is preventing patients and staff from introducing Covid-19 to the care environment. Advisory Board's Lauren Rewers and Taylor Hurst spoke with UCSF Health's Aaron Neinstein to learn how the system is using technology to screen staff and keep an eye on well-being.

Top HHS vaccine expert files whistleblower complaint alleging Trump admin ignored Covid-19 warnings

Slow movement from HHS, "cronyism," "nepotism," and other issues hampered the Trump administration's response to the United States' new coronavirus epidemic, placing "the health and safety of all Americans at risk," according to a newly released whistleblower complaint filed by Rick Bright, the former director of HHS' Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority.

Why I joined a study on Covid-19's mental health impact—and you should too

NIH and the National Institute of Mental Health have opened a new study to examine how stressors related to Covid-19 are affecting the mental health of health care workers over time. Advisory Board's Alice Thornton Bell explains why she enrolled in the project—and why you should too.

Is it ethical to infect volunteers with the new coronavirus? Experts weigh in.

Amid calls for pharmaceutical companies to quickly develop a vaccine against the new coronavirus, some researchers are advocating for the use of human challenge trials that would require infecting volunteers with the new virus—even though researchers haven't yet discovered a proven treatment or cure.

Around the nation: White House says coronavirus task force members won't testify before Congress

The White House on Monday informed Congress that members of the Trump administration's coronavirus task force will not be able to testify before lawmakers in May because they must focus their attention on responding to the country's Covid-19 epidemic, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Colorado, District of Columbia, and Illinois.