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April 27, 2020

Weekly review: 2 emerging solutions that could help reopen America

Daily Briefing

    When should you resume elective surgeries? Here's how to know. (Monday, April 20)
    In order to safely restart elective procedures and services, health system strategy leaders must be confident that their communities and organizations are on the downslope of the Covid-19 curve. Advisory Board's Shay Pratt and Rachel Matthews outline two ways to monitor your position on the curve.

    Could America face a second—or third—wave of Covid-19? (Tuesday, April 21)
    Health experts say a variety of factors—including the potential to develop immunity, whether the virus' transmission becomes seasonal, adherence to social distancing measures, and more—will determine whether America faces a second wave of Covid-19 cases and how strong that wave could be.

    2 emerging solutions that could help reopen America (Wednesday, April 22)
    While policymakers and businesses are increasingly shifting their Covid-19 focus to reopening the country, we're still a long ways off from the national-level testing the country needs to prevent future outbreaks. Advisory Board's Abby Burns and Laura Wilson break down two promising solutions that could reopen U.S. businesses.

    Is it time to restart elective surgeries? Here's how these hospitals are making the call. (Thursday, April 23)
    In light of recent CMS guidance, some hospitals and medical organizations last week took steps to resume non-emergency procedures and surgeries that have been on hold to make room for Covid-19 patients.

    Weekly line: Working, shopping, dining out—it will all be different when America reopens (Friday, April 24)
    As more states weigh plans to reopen nonessential businesses, it's becoming clear that Americans may be in store for a new "normal." Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli details how your work environment, shopping at your favorite retailer, and even eating at your favorite restaurant could be very different going forward—and how those experiences could vary depending on where you live.

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