The White House's plan to reopen America

President Trump on Thursday announced guidelines for states to relax so-called "stay-at-home" orders and begin reopening businesses if they meet certain metrics, as U.S. officials reported another spike of more than 2,000 U.S. deaths tied to the new coronavirus in a 24-hour period.

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Weekly line: Covid-19 may be creating a mental health crisis

While the physical effects of the new coronavirus epidemic are clearly evident, the effect the epidemic is having on Americans' mental health tends to fly under the radar—an issue that quickly could become its own large-scale public health crisis. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli digs in on what you need to know about the crisis—and how providers are working to address it.

The 4 key imperatives for your Covid-19 staffing strategy

Over the past month, Advisory Board researchers have talked to dozens of clinical executives about how they're staffing for Covid-19—from those readying for a surge to organizations already on the other side of their market's apex. Advisory Board's Lauren Rewers outlines four lessons learned that all clinical executives should keep in mind as they customize their organization's Covid-19 staffing strategy.

Weekend reads: Meet the man who's lived through two US pandemics

Why researchers are worried about indigenous tribes in the Amazon, how to safely shop for groceries, and more.

It's not just lungs: Covid-19 may damage the heart, brain, and kidneys

It's widely known that the new coronavirus attacks patients' lungs, but clinicians and researchers around the world are reporting that the virus is damaging other organs, as well—a discovery that could have implications for the way doctors treat Covid-19 and for how patients recover.

The missing piece of your Covid-19 capacity strategy: Post-acute care

Across the country, post-acute care providers are cracking down on new admissions to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks in their facilities. But in the first part of a new series, Advisory Board's Carolyn Buys and Monica Westhead explain that it's essential for hospitals to collaborate with post-acute care providers and develop broader discharge planning strategies.

Around the nation: States plan mass Covid-19 testing for first responders, essential workers

Arizona and New York will test health care and other essential workers statewide to identify those who have already been exposed to the novel coronavirus and therefore may have developed immunity to infection, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Arizona, Maryland, and New York.