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April 13, 2020

Weekly review: When will social distancing end? (Hint: It may be longer than you think.)

Daily Briefing

    One-third of patients who have coronavirus could wrongly test negative, according to health experts (Monday, April 6)
    Health care experts believe one-third of patients with the novel coronavirus and who are tested for it receive negative test results—meaning some people who are infected could be spreading the virus unknowingly.

    When will social distancing end? (Hint: It may be longer than you think.) (Tuesday, April 7)
    The latest projections suggest cases of Covid-19 will peak in many U.S. cities this month, giving many Americans hope that social distancing measures will come to an end within the next few weeks. However, health experts say Americans should prepare for the restrictions to remain in place for the foreseeable future.

    3 ways to help your team navigate grief in crisis (Wednesday, April 8)
    While clinicians and staff are rising to meet the unprecedented challenges presented by Covid-19, many are experiencing losses in their daily lives—big and small. To support staff, Advisory Board's Matt Cornner and Taylor Hurst outline steps leaders can take to help staff navigate their grief.

    What will life after Covid-19 look like? Wuhan is giving us our first glimpses. (Thursday, April 9)
    On Jan. 23, the city of Wuhan, China was locked down to prevent further spread of the new coronavirus. Now, more than 10 weeks later, the lockdown has been lifted—but life for Wuhan's residents hasn't returned to normal just yet.

    Weekly line: A new normal? What life will look like after Covid-19. (Friday, April 10)
    It's been four weeks since President Trump called on Americans to practice social distancing to limit the spread of the new coronavirus—and the big question on everyone's mind this week is: When will we get back "normal"? Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli outlines four ways "normal" life may look very different when we emerge from the Covid-19 epidemic.

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