Should everyone wear masks in public? CDC is weighing the evidence.

New research has found that a larger number of COVID-19 patients may not show symptoms than previously thought, leading CDC to reconsider its recommendations against the general public wearing masks.

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Map: America's Covid-19 deaths near 5,000

The number of U.S. deaths from the new coronavirus is nearing 5,000, as U.S. officials on Wednesday reported more than 1,000 deaths in a span of 24 hours—and warned that the national stockpile of personal protective equipment is almost depleted. See the states most affected by COVID-19 with our interactive maps.

Our take: Why the new 'ventilator splitting' guideline should be a last resort

Federal health officials in an open letter to U.S. health care workers on Tuesday said hospitals "as an absolute last resort" may split one ventilator between two COVID-19 patients to keep up with demand for the life-saving technology. Advisory Board's Colleen Keenan and Ari Prescott offer two things providers can do to procure ventilators.

Around the nation: Trump admin will not reopen for special enrollment period

The administration had been considering relaunching to allow Americans to enroll in exchange coverage via a special enrollment period due to the country's coronavirus epidemic, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

How hospitals in Covid-19 'hotspots' are leveraging tele-ICUs

As hospitals around the country run out of ICU beds and staff to treat COVID-19 patients, some are finding new ways to deploy tele-ICU technology to increase their ability to monitor patients, Christopher Mims reports for the Wall Street Journal.

Cross-industry partnerships are getting a legal boost amid the Covid-19 crisis

Organizations both within the health care industry and without are increasingly entering into novel partnerships in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Advisory Board's Matthew Stevens explains how recent federal actions are aiming to make those collaborations easier to get off the ground.