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March 30, 2020

Around the nation: Retired health care professionals return to work to fight coronavirus in Illinois

Daily Briefing

    At least 180 retired health care workers applied to have their licenses temporarily restored within 24 hours of a request from Illinois Gov. J.B. Prtizker, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California and Illinois.

    • California: Officials at Los Angeles Air Force Base on Thursday declared a 30-day public health emergency after a person at the base's housing area at Ft. MacArthur in San Pedro tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus. The patient and the patient's family were placed in quarantine. As of Thursday, military health workers were conducting an investigation to determine whether other personnel may have been exposed to the virus (City News Services/Los Angeles Times, 3/26).

    • Illinois: Within 24 hours of Illinois Gov. J.B. Prtizker's (D) request for retired health care workers to return to the workforce to help increase Illinois' capacity to address the COVID-19 epidemic, at least 180 retired doctors, physician assistants, and nurses responded. Under a policy the state's Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced last week, workers whose medical licenses have been expired or inactive for less than three years and respiratory care therapists and nurses whose licenses have been inactive for less than five years can request to have their professional licenses restored temporarily (Schencker, Chicago Tribune, 3/25).

    • Illinois: Because of social distancing, Olivia Grace Williamson couldn't have an in-person party for her 5th birthday—so her mother planned a drive-by party instead. More than 60 cars passed through Williamson's neighborhood to wave, honk, and sing for the birthday girl. Some of the cars arrived with celebratory posters and banners for Williamson (NPR, 3/26).

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