Q&A: How Wellforce is ramping up its Covid-19 capacity—fast

On March 14, Michael Wagner, Chief Physician Officer at Wellforce, published an article urging health systems to proactively cancel elective surgeries amid the new coronavirus outbreak. Wagner recently spoke with Advisory Board's Steven Berkow about how Wellforce is re-purposing capacity created by surgery cancellations and other health system strategies to meet the demands of COVID-19.

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You probably don't have a biohazard containment unit. But these 6 lessons can still help you stop coronavirus.

As the number of COVID-19 cases rises in the United States, health systems are preparing for, or are already experiencing, an influx of patients visiting their EDs and other facilities. Advisory Board experts recently spoke with members of Leo A Daly's health care team to identify six unique ways hospitals can safely free up hospital bed capacity to treat COVID-19 patients.

Senate coronavirus relief package stumbles as US coronavirus cases surpass 30K

Senate Republicans' nearly $2 trillion economic relief package failed to garner enough votes to advance on Sunday, as Democrats raised concerns that the package would not do enough to help workers who are laid off as a result of the new coronavirus epidemic in the United States.

Around the nation: San Francisco to lease hotel rooms for first responders and certain COVID-19 patients

The Section 1135 Medicaid waiver CMS approved will remove certain Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP requirements in Washington state, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California and Washington.

'The gray zone': Maybe you have the coronavirus. But maybe you don't. What next?

Liz Lucas, a data editor for Kaiser Health News (KHN), learned she had close contact with someone who tested positive for the novel coronavirus. But without clear guidelines on how to move forward, Lucas fell into a "gray area for testing and … quarantine"—an issue that's affecting many other Americans and causing confusion among health officials, doctors, and the public, KHN's Laura Ungar writes.

Weekly review: The 12 COVID-19 situations hospital leaders should prepare for now

Why soap is (still) the best defense against the coronavirus, six ways to make virtual meetings effective, and more.