Governors warn states' health care systems are nearing capacity

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Thursday ordered the first statewide lockdown in the country in hopes of stemming the spread of the new coronavirus, as governors throughout the United States warned that their states' health systems are quickly nearing capacity.

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Most patients hospitalized for COVID-19 are under 65, CDC finds

Adults younger than 65 make up a sizeable share of patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus, suggesting that, despite conceptions that the disease is only severe in seniors, younger adults can have severe symptoms, too, according to a CDC report released Wednesday.

COVID-19 roundup: Regeneron's treatments could enter clinical trials this summer

Blue Shield of California partners with startup GYANT on a hospital screening tool, study finds Kaletra has "no benefit" in treating seriously ill COVID-19 patients, and more.

Weekly line: What the ACA has—and hasn't—accomplished in the past 10 years

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) turns 10 years old on Monday, and to celebrate the law's "tin anniversary," researchers and experts are looking at ways the ACA has improved the U.S. health system—and areas where the ACA has fallen short. Advisory Board's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli explores the details and whether the health reform law will survive another year.

Around the nation: New York will allow telehealth options for Medicaid beneficiaries during coronavirus epidemic

Under the state's emergency declaration, telephone and telehealth visits that are designated by a provider as clinically appropriate will qualify for Medicaid payment, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Connecticut, Illinois, and New York.

8 ways to work from home successfully

As communities and organizations implement 'social distancing' policies to limit the spread of COVID-19, health care organizations have asked many employees who are not on the front-lines to work from home. Advisory Board's Craig Pirner offers eight best practices for leveraging virtual technologies to improve your work from home experience.

How 'stealth transmission' helped fuel the coronavirus pandemic

For every documented case of the new coronavirus, there are between five and 10 "undocumented" cases—and these "stealth" infections, while generally less contagious than the documented ones, are responsible for nearly 80% of new infections, according to preliminary findings published Monday in Science.

Weekend reads: During the coronavirus pandemic, what's happening on dating apps?

Therapy for parents of children with anxiety can help the kids, too; what it's like to fly during the coronavirus pandemic; and more.