'Any half-measure approach won't work': The urgent, painful need for social distancing

Last week, Asaf Bitton, a primary care physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital and executive director at Ariadne Labs, published a widely shared piece emphasizing the importance of social distancing, "Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day." Bitton recently spoke with Advisory Board's Steven Berkow about social distancing and how health care leaders should be responding.

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Public option vs. Medicare for All: What would they really mean for hospitals?

Clearly, the new coronavirus is the biggest issue on Americans' minds—but if anything, it only makes more pertinent the long-running debate in the Democratic presidential primary about health care reform. Advisory Board's Christopher Kerns analyses the potential revenue impact for hospitals if either Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All or former Vice President Joe Biden's public option ever became law.

Why COVID-19 case counts are so low in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

As the new coronavirus spreads through the United States and other Western countries, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have been able to slow the virus thanks to their fast action, use of data, and widespread testing, Hannah Beech reports for the New York Times.

HHS guidance urges providers to delay all non-essential procedures

The Trump administration on Wednesday issued guidance urging providers to delay all non-essential dental, medical, and surgical procedures to conserve medical supplies needed to treat patients with COVID-19, the disease cause by the new coronavirus.

How coronavirus overwhelmed one of Italy's premier hospitals

Even one of the 'most advanced' hospitals in Italy is struggling to keep up with the volume of COVID-19 patients, but the harrowing experiences of the hospitals' staff can serve as lessons to providers in the United States as they treat more cases of the disease themselves, Marcus Walker and Mark Maremont report for the Wall Street Journal.

How the VA, the Defense Department, and other agencies are gearing up for coronavirus response

The Trump administration on Tuesday directed multiple federal agencies to prepare to mount a wide-ranging government response to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Around the nation: American Red Cross faces 'severe blood storage'

Chris Hrouda, the Red Cross' president of biomedical services, said, "In really good times we may have five days of inventory available for our hospital clients and now we're running at a day or day-and-a-half in some cases," in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Washington.