March 16, 2020

Weekly review: What it's like to have the coronavirus, according to a patient from the Diamond Princess

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    What it's like to have the coronavirus, according to a patient from the Diamond Princess (Monday, March 9)
    Carl Goldman contracted the new coronavirus while on a cruise with his wife. In an interview with Vox's Sean Rameswaram, Goldman, speaking from a quarantine facility at Nebraska Medicine, details what happened when people on the Diamond Princess cruise ship started testing positive for the virus—and what having COVID-19 has felt like for him.

    Why doesn't America have enough coronavirus tests? (Tuesday, March 10)
    Delays, glitches, and missteps over a six-week period undermined the U.S. response to the new coronavirus, according to experts and federal government health officials, and despite recent progress, delays in testing persist.

    Is your coronavirus anxiety spinning out of control? Here's how to handle it. (Wednesday, March 11)
    As cases of the new coronavirus increase in the United States, a relentless news cycle and false information are spiking fears, leading people to take extreme measures to regain a sense of control over their health. Health experts explain how you can help keep yourself calm.

    Why your hand sanitizer might not protect against the new coronavirus (Thursday, March 12)
    Hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves of U.S. stores as consumers race to protect themselves from the new coronavirus, but it turns out some of the most popular products—and some increasingly popular homemade recipes—don't meet CDC's criteria for killing the virus, ProPublica reports.

    America is shutting down: How coronavirus is changing day-to-day life (Friday, March 13)
    Social distancing measures are taking hold in the United States as officials look to curb the new coronavirus' spread, with schools, theme parks, stadiums, and more temporarily closing their doors—and some experts say more extreme containment efforts could be coming.

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