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February 21, 2020

Around the nation: Oscar Health caps insulin costs at $3 per month

Daily Briefing

    Individual insurance plan members will now pay $3 per month for insulin and a selection of other drugs, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Missouri, and New York.

    • California: California officials on Tuesday announced the number of people who purchased health insurance through the state's exchange is up by 1.6% over last year's open enrollment season. The increase, officials said, marks the first upturn in enrollment in the state in three years. The jump came after the state Legislature established a tax penalty for people who chose to remain uninsured and offered new insurance subsidies to people with middle-incomes (Beam, Associated Press, 2/18).

    • Missouri: Cerner named Don Trigg as its new president. Trigg, who previously served as the company's EVP of strategic growth, succeeds Zane Burke, who stepped down from the role in 2018. Cerner said Trigg's promotion is part of a larger change to Cerner's leadership structure (Cohen, Modern Healthcare, 2/19).

    • New York: Oscar Health on Wednesday announced it will cap out-of-pocket costs for insulin and 99 other medications for some individual insurance plan members. The members will now pay $3 for a month's supply of the drugs. Other drugs on the list include drugs for migraines, nausea, allergies, and high blood pressure (Livingston, Modern Healthcare, 2/19).

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