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February 14, 2020

'Shall I compare thee to a surprise ER bill?': The 10 best #HealthPolicyValentines of 2020

Daily Briefing

    Everybody celebrates Valentine's Day a little differently, but for health policy wonks, one tradition that's been going strong for eight years now are #HealthPolicyValentines.

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    The tradition started in 2012 when former HHS staffer Emma Sandoe found herself inspired to "tweet one 'health policy valentine' every day until Valentine's Day." It wasn't long before other health care wonks joined in, filling Twitter with rhymes and poems on everything related to health care.

    #HealthPolicyValentines has since become a tradition, with wonks tweeting them out every February. Here are our 10 favorites from this year's batch.

    1) Arielle Levin Becker, communications director at CT Health Foundation, weighing in on one of health care's biggest grammatical debates.

    2) Mary Politi, a professor and health psychologist at Washington University School of Medicine, commenting on two prominent public health issues.

    3) Wengora Thompson, a maternal and child health advocate, raising awareness about maternal health.

    4) Deborah Roseman, a principal project specialist at America's Essential Hospitals, highlighting the importance of social determinants of health.

    5) New York Times reporter Sarah Kliff highlighting the ongoing health care pricing debate

    6) Jay Hancock, senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News, weighing in on the surprise medical bill debate.

    7) Matthew Lawrence, an assistant professor of law at Penn State's Dickinson Law, offers a brainteaser for Medicaid policy wonks.

    8) Christina Johns, a pediatric emergency physician in Maryland, weighing in on the value of credible research.

    9) Sheila Vakharia, deputy director of DPA Department of Research and Academic Engagement, on the value of writing with clarity when talking about health care.

    10) The Association for Community Affiliated Plans paying homage to #HealthPolicyValentines founder Emma Sandoe

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