The 250 'Best Hospitals,' according to Healthgrades

Healthgrades on Tuesday named the recipients of the 2020 America's Best Hospitals Awards, which recognize the 250 top hospitals in the country—and 229 are Advisory Board members.

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'A big risk': After getting a new heart, this transplant surgeon faced a rocky road back to the OR

Robert Montgomery, a lead transplant surgeon at the NYU Langone Transplant Institute, in 2018 received a successful heart transplant—only to discover that post-surgical immunosuppressant drugs had given him a tremor that made it impossible for him to operate on patients, the Wall Street Journal's Sumathi Reddy reports.

'Crushing': Another Alzheimer's treatment trial has failed. What's next?

Clinical trial results released Sunday show two experimental drugs that target a protein tied to Alzheimer's disease failed to slow down the disease's progression, marking the latest failure in researchers' quest to find a treatment and leaving some to question whether scientists should consider new approaches to target the disease.

Around the nation: Sanders wins New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary

Sen. Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary Tuesday night, with about 26% of the votes, trailed closely by Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, with 24.4% of the vote, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

When will we have a coronavirus vaccine?

Scientists are racing to develop a vaccine for the new coronavirus, now called COVID-19, as the disease continues to spread in China and around the globe, but experts say vaccine development is a complex process that could take anywhere from several months to several years.

'Hypothesis generator': How these 2 hospitals use AI to reduce sepsis

Sepsis kills one in five people annually worldwide, and it can be very difficult to detect. That's why health systems like Geisinger and the Cleveland Clinic are turning to machine learning to detect and treat sepsis early, John McCormick reports for the Wall Street Journal.