What's driving millennial and Gen Z nurses, according to a 1,250-nurse survey

The nursing field is at a generational crossroads, with millennials and Generation Z increasingly making up a larger share of the nursing workforce. Here are their key priorities and expectations for their jobs, according to a new HCA Healthcare survey.

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3 ways to become a better manager. (Hint: Start with humility.)

It's tempting for new executives to act like they have all the answers, but often, acknowledging when you don't know the answer and showing humility garners more respect than acting like you know it all, according to H. Irving Grousbeck, an adjunct professor of management at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The health care cuts—and priorities—in Trump's latest budget proposal

The White House on Monday released President Trump's fiscal year 2021 budget proposal, which calls for cuts to HHS, Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal health care agencies and programs. And while the budget proposal likely won't gain traction in Congress, it offers some insights into the Trump administration's health care priorities for Trump's remaining term as president—and his second term if he is re-elected.

CMS says hospitals will have to answer new survey on their 340B costs

CMS on Friday finalized a survey intended to reveal what hospitals paid for drugs purchased under Medicare's 340B Drug Discount Program—despite hospital groups' concerns about the assessment.

Around the nation: CMS postpones decision on Georgia's request to redesign its individual health insurance market

The state's proposal would allow Georgia residents to purchase subsidized individual health plans directly from insurers or through direct enrollment brokers, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from the District of Columbia, Georgia, and Maryland.

This life-saving infusion costs $2.1M. A new lottery will give out 100 doses for free.

Drugmaker Novartis recently launched a lottery to help families access the novel gene therapy Zolgensma, which a Novartis official said the company believes is "the only fair way to allocate" limited supplies of the drug in countries where it is not yet approved.

The 2019-2020 flu season, charted

Between 22 million and 31 million people were sickened with the flu as of Feb. 1, according to the latest CDC data.

How CMS wants providers to prepare for the coronavirus

The global death toll from the new coronavirus this weekend exceeded that of the SARS outbreak—and CMS has issued a new memo to U.S. providers outlining the clinical safety standards and requirements providers must follow to prevent the new virus' spread.