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February 10, 2020

Weekly review: The 786 hospitals facing HAC payment cuts in 2020, mapped

Daily Briefing

    Map: The 786 hospitals facing HAC payment cuts in 2020 (Monday, Feb. 3)
    CMS recently announced that 786 hospitals will face Medicare payment cuts in fiscal year 2020 under Medicare's Hospital-Acquired Condition Reduction Program. See how your hospital fared with our interactive map.

    China built a new hospital to treat the novel coronavirus—in just 10 days (Tuesday, Feb. 4)
    At the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak, providers in Wuhan, China, face a shortage of needed tests and medical supplies, forcing them to turn patients away and send them home to self-quarantine—but officials hope two new hospitals will offer some relief.

    Why Walmart's standalone clinics aren't your typical retail care (Wednesday, Feb. 5)
    Walmart recently opened its second standalone primary care clinic in Georgia, highlighting the company's plans to expand its health care business and reimagine how retail providers deliver care.

    Why calorie counts aren't as accurate as you think (Thursday, Feb. 6)
    It turns out, almonds might have fewer calories than scientists previously thought—and that's calling into question the accuracy of the process used to tally calorie counts for all foods, the Associated Press reports.

    5 ways to avoid a 'culture misfit' at work (Friday, Feb. 7)
    Before you decide to change jobs, it's important to "decode" the culture of a prospective workplace, Joann Lublin writes for the Wall Street Journal. She offers five strategies on how to "uncover both red flags and positive signals about … corporate culture" in order to avoid a "culture misfit."

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