Suicide in America, in 5 charts

Deaths by suicide in the United States are on the rise, particularly among young adults and men, and reached 25,850 suicides in 2016, according to the latest CDC data. See the trends, charted.

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Housekeepers are 'an essential part' of your care team. Does your hospital treat them like it?

"Too often, doctors and nurses are blind to the fact that housekeepers are an essential part of [the care] team," Duke University professors Neil Prose and Ray Barfield, write in a STAT News opinion piece.

How to become a 'morning person'

Whether you're a morning person or a night owl comes down in part to your genes, but experts say there are evidence-backed strategies you can use to change your internal clock and wake up earlier.

Weekly review: The 786 hospitals facing HAC payment cuts in 2020, mapped

How China built a hospital to treat the coronavirus in just 10 days, why Walmart's standalone clinics aren't your typical retail care, and more.

House committees unveil new proposals to address 'surprise' medical bills

Two House committees on Friday unveiled separate proposals to address so-called "surprise" medical bills—revealing that Congress still hasn't reached consensus on how to tackle the issue.

A team of scientists examined more than 2,600 cancer genomes. Here's what they found.

A team of international clinicians and scientists on Wednesday published findings from a comprehensive review of a cancer genome, which observers say could further pave the way for clinicians to prescribe precise treatments to cancer patients based on their genes.

Around the nation: Atrium Health to increase minimum wage for 10,000 workers

The investment is expected to cost the health system $10.8 million, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, North Carolina, and Tennessee.