5 ways to avoid a 'culture misfit' at work

Before you decide to change jobs, it's important to "decode" the culture of a prospective workplace, Joann Lublin writes for the Wall Street Journal. She offers five strategies on how to "uncover both red flags and positive signals about … corporate culture" in order to avoid a "culture misfit."

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Advisory Board Insight 2020 Digital Health Trends lock

Is 'Big Retail' the next big health care disruptor?

When it comes to health care disruptors, all eyes have been on Big Tech, but 'Big Retail' has been quietly growing its influence and might just be a bigger changemaker in the industry, Erin Brodwin reports for STAT +.

Chinese doctor who raised alarms over the spread of new coronavirus dies

A Chinese physician who was questioned by Chinese police after issuing early warnings about the dangers of the new coronavirus died on Friday after contracting the virus.

Trump admin looks to bolster price transparency, coverage for MA and Part D

CMS on Wednesday released proposed changes for Medicare Advantage (MA) and Part D plans for 2021, including allowing MA plans to count telehealth providers for certain network adequacy requirements, opening MA coverage to all seniors with End-Stage Renal Disease, and requiring new price transparency tools for Part D plans.

Around the nation: Humana and Welsh Carson investing $600M to launch new primary care centers for seniors

Humana's Partners in Primary Care subsidiary, which already manages 47 primary care centers for seniors, will manage the clinics, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Idaho, Kentucky, New York, and Pennsylvania.

What it's like to be quarantined for the new coronavirus

The United States last week evacuated hundreds of Americans from China because of the new coronavirus, and the evacuees now are subject to mandatory quarantines at U.S. military bases. Here's an inside look at life in one of the quarantine bases, according to evacuees.

Weekly line: Does Trump need a health care plan?

This was a busy week in politics that offered policy wonks clearer insights into issues that are likely to play a role in the 2020 presidential election—and unsurprisingly, health care is one of them. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli highlights the takeaways from this week's events and hones in on a key question: Does President Trump need a health reform plan?

Weekend reads: Why this cheetah has a therapy dog

Watch a baboon carry a baby lion, what might explain the sudden interest in "toddler milk," and more.