This man had headaches for months. The culprit? A tapeworm in his brain.

Gerardo Moctezuma had been experiencing violent headaches and drowsiness for months, but it wasn't until he fainted at a soccer game that he sought medical help, leading providers to discover a tapeworm in his brain, Timothy Bella reports for the Washington Post.

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China built a new hospital to treat the novel coronavirus—in just 10 days

At the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak, providers in Wuhan, China, face a shortage of needed tests and medical supplies, forcing them to turn patients away and send them home to self-quarantine—but officials hope two new hospitals will offer some relief.

After 10+ years, CDC is finally reporting maternal mortality again. (The news still isn't good.)

The U.S. maternal mortality rate in 2018 was 17.4 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births, or 658 total deaths, according to a CDC report published Thursday—marking the first new data on maternal mortality rates that the agency's released in over a decade.

Around the nation: UC San Diego Health to test drone delivery for medical samples

The health system this month plans to test whether drones can safely transport medical samples across its facilities and reduce wait times for blood test results and treatments, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California and the District of Columbia.

Is it time to rebrand the 'flu'?

Between 19 million and 26 million people have been sickened with the flu as of Jan. 25, according to the latest CDC data, and some experts are concerned that Americans are paying more attention to the new coronavirus than the flu—which is deadlier and more widespread.

FDA just approved the first treatment for peanut allergies

FDA on Friday approved Aimmune Therapeutics Palforzia, the first-ever treatment for life-threatening peanut allergies.