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February 3, 2020

Weekly review: The 5 habits that could give you 7+ more years of healthy life

Daily Briefing

    Experts warn it might not be possible to contain new coronavirus, as US cases grow (Monday, Jan. 27)
    Health officials have confirmed three more cases of the new coronavirus in the United States, as research suggests stopping the virus' spread might be harder than originally thought.

    The 5 habits that could give you 7+ more years of healthy life (Tuesday, Jan. 28)
    A new Harvard University study of more than 110,000 people estimates middle-aged men and women can live at least seven additional years without chronic disease when they maintain at least four of these five healthy lifestyle habits.

    He survived Ebola—but the worst was yet to come (Wednesday, Jan. 29)
    Preston Gorman spent 27 days at NIH fighting the Ebola virus and survived, but his battle didn't end when he went home: Gorman struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder after his recovery, losing his family, job, and his "sense of security" in life, Lenny Bernstein reports for the Washington Post. Five years after his diagnosis, Gorman is opening up about his experience.

    FDA: Stop saying Purell can prevent Ebola. (And the flu. And MRSA.) (Thursday, Jan. 30)
    FDA recently warned Gojo Industries, the manufacturer of Purell products, to stop making unproven claims that its popular, over-the-counter hand sanitizers can prevent the spread of diseases such as Ebola, flu, MRSA, and norovirus in health care settings.

    CMS just gave more than 400 hospitals five stars. See how yours fared on our map. (Friday, Jan. 31)
    CMS on Wednesday updated hospital quality star ratings on Medicare's Hospital Compare website using its current methodology, as it prepares to change the methodology before releasing another round of hospital ratings in 2021.

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