The 5 habits that could give you 7+ more years of healthy life

A new Harvard study of more than 110,000 people estimates middle-aged men and women can live at least seven additional years without chronic disease when they maintain at least four of these five healthy lifestyle habits.

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Experts worry coronavirus is distracting from the flu

Some experts are concerned that Americans are paying more attention to the novel Chinese coronavirus than the flu, despite flu presenting a more immediate threat.

More Americans are dying at home. But what does that mean for their families?

Research shows the majority of Americans want to die at home, but the burden on family caregivers is often more than people realize, Blake Farmer reports for Nashville Public Radio.

How leading health systems are partnering with primary care disruptors

A growing number of providers are adopting new primary care models and offering patients with complex conditions targeted services, including transportation and mental health care through a concierge-like approach, Alex Kacik reports for Modern Healthcare.

Concerns about Rx drug shortages emerge amid coronavirus outbreak

As the new coronavirus continues to spread rapidly throughout China and other countries, experts are warning about the effects the virus could have on the global economy and the prescription drug market.

Opioid monthly: NASEM offers framework for developing opioid prescribing guidelines

This month, learn how insurers can expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid misuse, see how Harvard researchers are looking to develop safer, effective alternatives opioids for chronic pain, and more.

Around the nation: Baptist Health to build new, $200M hospital

The 300,000-square-foot hospital will include an ICU and 100 beds, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Colorado, and Florida.