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January 27, 2020

Weekly review: Where Americans exercise most (and least), mapped

Daily Briefing

    The 'Best Jobs in America for 2020': 7 are in health care (Tuesday, Jan. 21)
    Glassdoor has released its list of the "50 Best Jobs in America for 2020," and seven health care professions made the list. Advisory Board's Serena Bernthal-Jones explains why she's surprised more health care jobs didn't make it—and four steps employers can take to change that in the years to come.

    Where Americans exercise most (and least), mapped (Wednesday, Jan. 22)
    More than 15% of Americans are inactive, and rates of inactivity are especially high in the Southern United States, according to new CDC data. See where inactivity is highest and how it breaks down by race with our interactive maps.

    Many Americans don't know the answers to these 5 questions about the flu. Do you? (Thursday, Jan. 23)
    The American Academy of Family Physicians recently surveyed U.S. adults to gauge their knowledge of the flu, and the results are not promising: 82% of adults got at least one question wrong, and 28% got them all wrong.

    4 must-watch trends shaping your service lines in 2020 (Friday, Jan. 24)
    Are you ready for the new decade? Advisory Board experts have analyzed market changes across four service lines—cardiovascular, OB/GYN, oncology, and orthopedics—to predict which trends will have the greatest impact on health care in the upcoming years.

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