4 must-watch trends shaping your service lines in 2020

Are you ready for the new decade? Advisory Board experts have analyzed market changes across four service lines—cardiovascular, OB/GYN, oncology, and orthopedics—to predict which trends will have the greatest impact on health care in the upcoming years.

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Weekly line: China has quarantined cities to stop the new coronavirus. Could the US do the same?

Chinese officials are taking drastic steps—including quarantining entire cities—to try to control an outbreak of a mysterious new coronavirus, leading some to wonder whether the United States could take similar steps. Daily Briefing's Ashley Fuoco Antonelli talked to experts to find out.

Civica Rx, Blue Cross and Blue Shield to launch $55M new venture

A group of 18 Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurers are investing $55 million to establish a subsidiary of Civica Rx that will develop lower-cost generic drugs for consumers as an alternative to "high-cost" prescription medications.

Weekend reads: Meet the 'World's Worst Cat.' (And yes, she's up for adoption.)

Are we all doomed to have a midlife crisis? Study finds sunscreen chemicals might be absorbed into the bloodstream. And more.

CDC confirms 2nd US case of new coronavirus

CDC on Friday announced that they've confirmed a Chicago woman is infected with the new coronavirus that's been spreading throughout China and other Asian countries, marking the second case of the virus confirmed in the United States.

Does stress really make your hair gray? Science finally has an answer.

For centuries, people have said stress causes hair to go gray, but is there any science to back up the claim? Harvard researchers put the question to the test in a study published Wednesday in Nature

Around the nation: Centene and WellCare have merged

The companies on Thursday officially closed their $17 billion merger, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from Colorado, Florida, Missouri, and Pennsylvania.