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January 17, 2020

Around the nation: CDC says E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce 'appears to be over'

Daily Briefing

    The warning, which had been in effect since last November, advised consumers to avoid eating romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley region due to the risk of E. coli infection, in today's bite-sized hospital and health industry news from California, Georgia, and Texas.

    • California: On Monday, Sutter Health and Lyft are teaming up to implement individual transportation programs for patients and home care staff. Through the program, Lyft can arrange transportation for Sutter health providers who treat and support patients in their homes. The program will prevent providers from having to use their own vehicles to visit patients and could maximize their visit time. Officials hope the program will result in faster pick-ups, lower costs, and increased efficiencies for providers and patients (Lagasse, Healthcare Finance News, 1/14).

    • California/Georgia: CDC has lifted its warning about E. coli in romaine lettuce, announcing that the outbreak, which infected 167 people in 27 states, "appears to be over." The warning, which has been in effect since last November, told consumers to avoid eating romaine lettuce from the Salinas Valley region in California because of the risk of E. coli infection. Although the outbreak is over, FDA said it is still investigating the outbreak, including the sources of contamination (Sullivan, The Hill, 1/15).

    • Texas: CVS Health on Monday opened 15 new HealthHub locations in the Houston area. The HealthHubs offer a range of health care services and an on-demand health kiosk. CVS decided to open the new clinics after it successfully piloted three HealthHubs in the area (Mathews, Houston Business Journal, 1/15).

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